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Transform your team work with SharePoint

If your organization already has Sharepoint and has not used it, or has not been using it to its full potential, we have the capability to assist you.

Our service starts with the project formulation, to later create the framework and digitally transform the way the processes run, from the the simplest to the ones with intermediate-high complexity.

Digital Transformation

Transform your processes to accelerate productivity: from simple tasks, such as notifications and approvals, to operative flows.

With the lists and libraries in Sharepoint, we aid you in the creation of enriched digital experiences that utilize forms, work flows and personalized, safe apps for each department or collaborator.

Safe and shared storage of corporative information

SharePoint allows you to create or store files intended for collaboration. Contrary to cloud repositories, like OneDrive, SharePoint, allows users to store information in a space as part of a project  or department, and not a private-user-space that shares a file or library.

With the functionalities of the forms, flows and applications, we will provide additional capabilitites to your storage in regards to who uses the information and what they do with it, beyond being one simple repository.

Interconnect your team

The organization of content in sites and internal portals is a task that SharePoint allows in a smooth and efficient manner.

We create internal, safe and organized collaborative sites that match the way your departments manage the business, promoting collective knowledge and organizational efficiency.

Manage your data

Sharepoint lists collect data as it could be done in Excel. They are safe, but, at the same time, easy to share and manage. This includes simple lists from contacts and tasks to those that enable essential operations.

We create forms for your departments or project teams to register, update and give follow up to their data.

Let’s talk about your need!

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