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Creating high-impact posts in social network

Creating high-impact posts in social network

A previous entry reviewed the importance of correctly managing corporate profiles in social media. This entry will be focusing on some recommendations on how to make posts that cause an impact on the target audience, and at the same time are useful for effective time handling and the use of human resources in the company.

What is the objective?

For this first stage, the company must establish the objectives to be reached with every publication. Once they are settled, all the publications in corporate profiles must relate to them.

What are the steps to achieving a maximum marketing impact post?

At this point, every detail related to the establishment of who the potential clients are, and the corresponding research on their digital behavior factors, as well as the settlement of internal processes for the planning of content is entrenched. Furthermore, if possible, at this point, it is valid to propose a weekly digital campaign, and generate different content (in terms of copy and art) for each social networking site under the same topic.

What is the challenge in every post?

As a result of the previous research, companies obtain data on the needs of their potential clients. This information should be solidly related to the products and/or services the business offers in order to adapt each publication correctly.

How can companies meet the needs of their target audience?

To respond to this question, organizations should establish a well-thought-out content plan, with publications that relate to their objectives, and that let clients know that they can fulfill their requirements. Usually, companies seek to sell their products or services through social network; however, they should understand that users in social networking sites are looking for entertainment. Hence, it becomes more effective to create content marketing instead of sales marketing. Indeed, sales marketing will help educating and informing the client on the benefits, qualities and uses of what we offer. This does not mean that organizations have to abandon sales marketing entirely, but it is recommended that out of every 4 publications, three are content-related and one sales-related.

What doubts or insecurities do clients have when acquiring our product or service?

Standing in the consumers’ shoes allows organizations to better understand what they really want. Sometimes and because of different factors (for example, having followed bad advice in the past or being first-time purchasers), customers may feel insecure about acquiring certain service or product with our company. It is fundamental to be clear on what factors may instill that feeling, and establish a solution by taking advantage of the high exposure that social network provides, in order to inspire trust and, in the best-case scenario, cement a loyalty relationship between the customer and the brand.

What additional elements does the customer value?

Another part of promoting loyalty on the client, relies on giving an added value. For instance, if the business is a fumigation services company, an added value by the organization is a free inspection for evaluating the level of plague infestation, and so, provide the product that better adapts to their need. This gives customers a sense of appreciation and increases their loyalty to the brand. However, this is not easily conveyed in a publication; therefore, an added value in social networking posts goes beyond conventional posting limited to image and text and includes other elements, such as video experiences, and appealing images with infographics or instant experiences.

A good balance between these recommendations and careful planning and organization of content will position a brand in the world of social network effectively and in alignment to the company’s objectives.

Author: María Fernanda Mesén Montero


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