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The Success of Competency-Based Management

The Success of Competency-Based Management

The changing market trends, technology and the characteristics of the new generations have transformed the work methods and the traditional structures that comprise companies. In view of this panorama, the management areas of human capital have had to reinvent themselves in order to have a more active and relevant role in the strategic business plan, because at the end, the strength of the companies is based on the personnel’s success.

Competency-based management identifies the knowledge, skills, and motivations that accomplish to differentiate the successful work of an individual in a given position, through analytical and objective techniques that allow performance prediction. In this way, taking those workers with a higher performance as a reference, the model guarantees a better selection, evaluation and development of the personnel already working and with an average performance.

HayGroup mentions this as some of the benefits of the competency-based management in one of their articles (n.d):

  • Decrease in the hiring errors (Examples: training, rotation)
  • Improvement in individual, group, and corporate performance
  • Increase in motivation because of the accomplishment of objectives and professional development.
  • Elimination of subjective selection criteria, biases, suppositions or preferences from the hiring group.

Perfiles Tecnológicos has understood how to be at the forefront and has worked since 2011 under the competency-based management, implementing it in the selection process through behavioral interviews and critical incidents; in addition to completing the process with a set of psychometric tests that allow the identification of personality and reasoning characteristics.

This has led our internal and external customers to be pleased by the accuracy of the hired profiles, since they adapt to the market demands. But overall, the model allows focusing on the development of our personnel’s talent.


Visit our blog this coming January 16th, 2019 for our second part on this interesting selection model.


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