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Motivation in the workplace. How to achieve it?

Motivation in the workplace. How to achieve it?

For a better work performance in any environment, all workers must be satisfied with their work conditions.

There are 2 main sources for motivation: One that comes from external elements, exclusively from the employer, such as a public recognition; and the other one, that is reached individually, through the pursuit of personal goals that promote self-satisfaction.

Therefore, achieving and maintaining work motivation is a task for both employer and employee. The company’s objectives, and the individual ones’ must flow into the same direction, so that their expectations are fulfilled equally.

At a corporate level, hand in hand with the company’s dynamics, the organization must look for ways to motivate collaborators. Some of the recommendations by Edenred (2019) are:

  • Facilitating the proper work facilities, and as long as it is possible, adapting them to a personal level, in order to create a customized space for each employee.
  • Encouraging work autonomy, so that workers can perform and organize their tasks without feeling overwhelmed by control, yet always complying with the objectives established by the company.
  • Providing good working conditions, in areas such as appealing work shifts, competitive salaries, and flexibility in schedules and permissions that allow them to spend more quality time with the family.
  • Recognizing the accomplishments through incentives, be it prizes, bonuses, salary raises, or even a promotion. If none of these options is feasible, because of structure or budget, a periodical public reward-program has a strong impact, even when the budget for these rewards is small (movie tickets, dinners or other means of entertainment.)

However, beyond external motivations, employees should make an effort to honor their personal motivations, such as:

  • Keeping in mind their personal goals and in what way their job will help reaching them.
  • Valuing their own qualities, recognizing and rewarding the achieved objectives
  • Opening to changes, since these allow for growth and personal and professional development.
  • Staying optimistic and leaving negativity and complaints aside, since these generate more frustration
  • Nurturing the relationship with coworkers; trusting them and teaming up with them
  • Participating and compromising with each project or task.

Working daily on these aspects, together with those implemented by the company, will generate positive results, higher satisfaction and productivity in the overall work performance.


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Author: Viviana Serrato Carmona

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