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Why is Sharepoint the tool your organization may be needing?

Why is Sharepoint the tool your organization may be needing?

Through the different Office 365 plans, Microsoft counts with an excellent cloud service tool called Microsoft Sharepoint Online. This service aids small, middle and big companies in the management of documentation through bookstores, documentaries, sites and lists.

As stated by Microsoft, Sharepoint Online smooths the process of team collaboration, without leaving aside protection and correct data administration (Kjerland & Olprod, 2019, p1). Furthermore, it allows the creation of customized solutions for each characteristic of the organization, as well as the application of features that maximize speed and tracking, such as searches, versioning, auditing and retention.

Each organization, regardless of its size, may create their own intranet with their respective portal to manage and organize all data, making use of:

  • Web sites: Sharepoint’s web sites are based on templates that are easily customizable for any purpose.
  • Group Sites: Group sites are a significant help for organizations, since they have collaboration characteristics since their creation.
  • Communication sites: Generally, they are sites that notify of events and publications.
  • External Shared Use: It is an ability for interacting with people outside the organization in a safe manner.
  • Data storage: As it happens with OneDrive, it can store large amount of data.
  • Mobile apps: Sharepoint offers the option of being used through APP, both for IOS and Android applications.
  • Detection: Sharepoint can alert of infected files or malware.
  • Search: Each of the libraries and lists in Sharepoint can make use of the search enginces.
  • DLP Capabilities (Data Loss Protection): It prevents the loss of information.
  • Flow: It creates custom scripts for the Smart data management.
  • Notifications: It allows providing information of any kind through mail.

Using Sharepoint does not require setting up any server, since users can access Sharepoint  through an Office 365 subcription or Sharepoint Online, independently, even in the trial version.


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