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Outsourcing of Information Technology Services

Perfiles Tecnológicos has a long history of providing IT specialists in information technologies to deliver outsourced services, both in the area of support and software development. We equip these personnel with our expert knowledge in human resources management within the framework of industry standards for these services. When starting services involving new collaborators, we rely on a robust, agile and mature process of recruitment and selection that allows placing the professional with the most appropriate profile in each position. We are characterized well above our competitors because of our adaptability when it comes to providing services.

Services under the IT Outsourcing Model

We provide developer services in the outsourcing model in the required technology and for the necessary amount of time.

  • The outsourcing of developers allows the company to have professionals with mastery in the specific technology and for the period of time required.
  • It adapts both to projects of complete life cycle and to those in which it is only necessary to support part of the cycle.
  • It allows incorporating efforts of different roles according to the type of project.
  • It frees the organization’s development team to focus on core technologies.

Let us take charge of the strategy, design and delivery of technical support to your company.

  • Take advantage of a team experience with several implementations to its credit.
  • You will have certified project technicians at your service with the capacity and flexibility of response to meet your business requirements.
  •  You can have specialists to serve in different roles and also to deliver service in complicated service time windows.
  • Our service reduces the negative impacts on your operation by minimizing interruptions that are caused by technological issues.

The support of an external professional’s team to the IT Department of your company provides a valuable strategic addition. We have specialized personnel in infrastructure that will exclusively address the needs of your IT area.

  • Choose technicians with an appropriate profile fitting your needs.

We have engineers and technicians specialized in technology to help you solve your technical support needs.

Our team of professionals is prepared to provide you with help in infrastructure and applications used in the various businesses.

  • Continuous coverage service.

Just as the information technology teams work for us continuously, at Perfiles Tecnológicos we are able to provide technical support service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Implement modern and profitable service models.

We help you reduce operating costs with the backing of the knowledge and experience of our specialized staff, help desk service, help desk coordination, application support, hardware and software support and server support and databases.

Our engineers and technicians will help you in the fields of infrastructure, management and administration of the IT area, all in accordance with international quality standards and best practices such as the ITIL, under the strictest confidentiality and with a work methodology adapted to the requirements of each company.

  • Ask us about how you can maximize your resources.

We will be pleased to provide you with the information you need to improve the performance of your operations and processes, as well as improve the ability to react to possible changes in the working and technological environment, through experienced engineers and specialized technicians.

The resources maximization leads to a reduction in contracting and operating costs.

Know and control your IT area. The back-office operations fulfil the function of a backbone and its success depends on the success of the essential activities of a company.

Due to the crucial importance of the proper functioning of the back-office, outsourcing is becoming increasingly important in the business and institutional sectors.

  • Reporting: In Perfiles Tecnológicos we have an information analysts team with the ability to develop all the reporting, indicators, metrics and statistics, so that your company can have better control over expenses, costs, and execution, among others.
  • Inventory control: With the support of a computerized inventory system, we keep accurate and immediate records about the number of units purchased and units sold, as well as the quantities in stock, integrated with sales and accounts receivable.
  • Documentation: We provide the automation service of back-office tasks, for the documents classification and extraction of metadata, with it, to associate data to documents such as dates, titles, processing status, etc. to describe and classify them, to facilitate their search, recovery and management.
  • Supervision: We ensure that incidents and problems are solved to restore the normal operation of the IT Area and minimize the impact of interruptions in the different departments of the company. We also provide coordination services for preventive and corrective maintenance of the technological infrastructure and the administration of infrastructure, human resources, applications and access controls.

We have strong language skills, we currently provide services in English and the three most prevalent and universal Latin languages:

  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Spanish

We deliver Nearshoring of software development teams with very attractive features for clients in the Latin American region:

  • Very convenient time zone, being no more than 4 hours apart from any country on the continent.
  • Cultural affinity with the countries of this region.
  • Possibility of providing bilingual English-Spanish or Portuguese-Spanish service.
  • Flexibility of our team’s schedule to better meet the needs of customers with some time difference.
  • Experience with Scrum or traditional development methodology.
  • Versatility to serve as an extension of your development team or as agents of complete projects in the turnkey modality.

Why Costa Rica?

The most important Costa Rica differentiators compared to traditional offshore services:

  • Central Time Zone
  • Infrastructure
  • Political and economic stability
  • Reliable social security system
  • World-class public and private medical services
  • Close to the United States of America, Costa Rica is located a few hours away
  • Cultural affinity
  • Learn more about our country- brand at:

Dedicated Development Teams

Let us be part of your team. We allow your company to manage the unit of development experts to ensure cost reduction without losing high-quality results. Perfiles Tecnológicos specializes in Microsoft products and other technologies, we are proud to have vast experience with deliverables of the highest MS .Net standards – MS SQL Server – AJAX – JQuery – JavaScript – CSS 3 – HTML5.

We have experience in various sectors, among which predominate: industry, medical, financial planning and commercial distribution. Our applications have allowed the processes automation, improvement of internal and external customer service, analysis for decision making and even to improve medical treatment protocols with cancer patients, among others. Our team is flexible to adapt to small, medium and large projects.

Turnkey Software Projects

Custom software is an alternative to carry out internal developments; it is convenient in terms of effectiveness and cost. We offer quality software products at competitive costs. We develop based on a robust and mature process, which allows us to have a high performance in:

  • Schedule
  • Functionality
  • User interface
  • Performance

Why Perfiles Tecnológicos?

Transparency when doing business and total commitment to each customer are our most valued badges. We have experience in ITIL application guidelines, SLA management and compliance, full-fledged response capacity, certified project technicians in the service of each client (the staff that replaces plant technicians, have the necessary skills and knowledge to replace the positions without jeopardizing the continuity of the service. In addition, our project technicians are constantly present in the different places to keep updated on the technologies and processes specific to each company).

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