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Desarrollo de sotfware & IT Outsourcing

We are experts in the analysis and implementation of infrastructure solutions. We have inspection, resolution and monitoring capabilities of hybrid environments, on-premise and cloud.

Consultancy on IT Platforms:

We have vast experience in the implementation and management of IT areas. Our continuous updating, expertise and extensive experience have allowed us to provide the tools and solutions necessary for the success of large enterprises.

Since our foundation, in the year 2000, we have supported the transparency of our work and a solid recruitment process based on the competency management model, which allows us to identify the ideal candidate for each position.

Technical Consultancy:

Our certified specialists analyze your current status and design the best cloud infrastructure solution for existing services. We facilitate total or hybrid migration and ensure the evolution capacity is foreseen for the future.

Infrastructure in the Cloud

Implementation of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using Microsoft Azure technologies. In addition, we offer productivity solutions in the cloud with Office 365.


This is responsible for managing and monitoring the operations in real time and avoiding any degradation of the computer system, with its networks, servers and computers.

Our function, in the Network Operations Centre, is aimed at detecting possible problems and solving them immediately, assigning and coordinating engineers, monitoring and automating recovery procedures.

We offer proactive and reactive monitoring services on your technological platform 24/7

We are a Microsoft Partner

We are a direct partner of the leading company in business technology solutions, a privilege that allows us to obtain information about Microsoft’s software and services, promote, advise and develop solutions in its platforms and products.

We have professionals certified by Microsoft, this allows us to deliver high quality services with the best support.

Cloud: We implement the necessary products and services to guarantee the correct functioning of your technological infrastructure and thus protect it from internal accidents and safeguard the information of your company. Our services take advantage of the cloud infrastructure, as part of the modernization of the data centre. This alternative allows us to use Microsoft’s modern infrastructure resources, including data centres, servers, software, networks and security equipment with all the benefits offered by the cloud.

Productivity tools: The productivity tools you install in your company will allow you to automate tasks and projects, reduce the amount of repetitive work and, among many other benefits, minimize human, conceptual and calculation errors as much as possible. You can have the powerful tools offered by Office 365 such as Sharepoint, Power BI and more. The better the tool is, the better the results will be.

Backup & Site Recovery: In Perfiles Tecnológicos we provide you with backup and site recovery solutions, with improved capabilities, to protect your backups in the cloud. These security features also allow you to recover data using backups in the cloud, if the production and backup servers are in danger.

Licensing: Our partnership status allows us to offer the new licensing model Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider).

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