6 key points for Working From Home

6 key points for Working From Home

Currently, given the COVID-19 crisis, most companies have felt forced to send their collaborators to work from home, which has been rather sudden, and has taken most by surprise, as it implies many changes and preparations.

Because of this, in terms of protecting the technological resources assigned, and being clear on the different components to perform assigned tasks at home, it is important to have certain contemplations while working from home. These are 6 key points to take into consideration:

Taking care of the assigned equipment: It is smart to follow all the necessary measures for taking care of the equipment in the WFH modality, since it is the main tool for daily tasks. The most important measures that  we can follow, are:

  • Avoid hitting it: It is necessary to set a specific workspace to use the equipment. Having one only physical space to work from home will prevent the equipment from falls or hits when moving from one place to another.
  • Do not eat around the equipment
  • Do not touch the screen with dirty hands
  • Avoid pressing the mouse too hard (or any other computer part)
  • Do not clean or give maintenance to the equipment without asking Service Desk.
  • In case of technical problems, communicate with Service Desk for the necessary instructions.

Internet connection: Having a good internet connection is fundamental to work from home, and, therefore, so is knowing the speed that has been hired and the phone numbers of the providers’ customer support to contact them in case of experiencing issues.

Speed: The recommended internet speed to have a good navigation and not experience problems  will depend on the amount of people connected and the applications in use. This is the consumption of the most-used applications:

App Time Consumption
SharePoint Per minute 7,5MB
OneDrive Per minute 7,5MB
Outlook Per minute 0.16MB
Teams Per minute 0,052MB
Google Per minute 0,5 MB
Total 15,5 MB
App Time Consumption
Netflix Per minute 16 MB
Youtube Low Quality Per minute 1,90 MB
Spotify Per minute 0.72 MB
Social Network Per minute 2.5 MB
Whatsapp Per minute 0,0083MB
Total 21,12 MB

Tips for saving bandwidth at home:

  • If you stop using a service, exit the application completely
  • Try not to use, simultaneously, many services that require connection
  • Limit the programs download
  • Audio streaming consumes moderately, but video does massively. If you want to avoid slowness, try not to connect to this kind of applications.
  • Do not keep an excessive number of tabs open in your browser. Although they do not consume a lot, many of them may request connection to update, as well as using up a lot of RAM memory
  • Verify the speed. In case of perceiving a slow connection, an alternative is running speed tests before calling the provider. Some sites that help verifying speed are:
  1. https://fast.com/es/
  2. https://www.speedtest.net.es

VPN Connection: The VPN connection is the tool used for connecting us directly to the company network, and hence, use certain tools, such as the telephone exchange. It is important to know the process to connect to it.

Tools in The Cloud: The tools used in the company, in the cloud, are the best ally to work from home, since through them we can stay connected with work teams and communicate easily and quickly.

Tools for remote connection: A tool for remote connection will help the technical support team to connect to the computers and give the needed assistance. It is key, then, to have this tool identified in case there is any inconvenience.

Malware: When working from a network external to the company’s, we have more freedom to visit pages that may have viruses and cause problems in the equipment’s software. It is recommended to avoid visiting sites that do not relate to the daily tasks. The assigned equipment is a company’s asset, and, therefore, exclusive to work use.

Following these points, it is possible to work smoothly, as well as allowing companies to continue with their business productivity in spite of the times we are living worldwide.