Perfiles Tecnológicos

Desarrollo de sotfware & IT Outsourcing

Software development in Costa Rica


Perfiles Tecnológicos is a Software Development and IT Outsourcing provider with more than 18 years of experience providing the necessary tools and solutions behind the success of many businesses.

Our main goal is to achieve the highest quality of service and products that will lead our clients to a prompt and efficient business unravel. We have notable experience providing not only Software Development and IT outsourcing but also a complete technological facility management service to a large variety of multinational corporations. We pride ourselves for maintaining more than 18 years of continuous service with many of our clients. We know these long term commercial relations have been possible thanks to our business transparency. Our solid recruiting process is a competency-based management model. This model allows Perfiles Tecnológicos to identify the most suitable candidate for each position. We strongly believe that the full integration of this method contributes to having a very low annual attrition rate – 4 % -, a significantly low number for an outsourcing company. In addition to this, we perform quality monitoring activities to measure our service deliverables. We strongly believe constant communication with each client is the key to providing a customized and transparent service.

Corporate Mission

Providing technology services of worldwide quality in a committed, flexible and specialized approach, with the intention of generating maximum value to our clients, collaborators and shareholders.

Corporate Vision

Becoming a regional company, well-known for its quality and innovation in the delivery of diverse services related to information technology.

Corporate Values


We deliver the maximum effort in the activities we perform, in a sustainable way and project our motivation in order to succeed in our job, our family and our personal life.


Our integrity is uncompromising, with a strength of spirit which allows us to remain loyal to our principles.


We efficiently modify our behavior and the delivery of our services, according to any conditions, market changes and organization adjustments.

Environmental and Social Responsability

Our positive impact on society comes through the quest to find new services and the improvement of the ones we already have, in order to generate more job opportunities and better benefits for everyone, using best practices to create a better environment for our future generations.


Using a thorough knowledge of our users and customers’ needs, we focus our talent in meeting their expectations, making sure a balanced value is added according to each business relation we have built.