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How can test automation improve the software development process?

How can test automation improve the software development process?

In software development, behind every successful final product, there is a progression of trial and error, and progressive improvement. The quality team employs certain resources to have a smoother and more reliable process, such as automation. Deciding on automation brings about several benefits that, in the end, not only make the process more efficient, but also allow for the delivery of a robust system with a higher quality for end users.

Why generating automated tests?

Automation of software testing helps diminishing the number of manual tests that must take place throughout its development, since developers must check for software functionality each time they add new functions to the system, in case these may cause any error.

Not all system functionalities can be automized because some have to be tested manually for security or data verification purposes. However, those that can be automized may be modules that, when completed, must not undergo any change and must always work as expected. In those cases, developers can apply automized testing.

Automized testing reduces cost and time throughout the development of a system, because when liberating system functionalities, it allows to run these tests while the quality team centers in modules that require manual testing. Developers generate automized testing only after user acceptance testing, since the module has to be approved first, ensuring no further modifications.

Some of the benefits of running automized testing are the following:

  • It opens up the possibility of running more tests because these can be done multiple times with different entries for the system. This represents a valuable benefit: if coverage increases, more combinations can be tested in order to assure that the system is still functional, making the product more reliable.
  • The tests can be left running unattended. Automized testing can operate throughout the day, afternoon or night without human intervention, which helps reducing testing time.
  • It makes regression testing easier. Because these tests verify the functionality of different system modules and help generating tests in such modules, so that the quality team can focus on running manual testing only.

Having considered all these benefits, automized tests are highly valuable to decrease cost and time when developing and delivering a system with a high level of reliability, as well as fulfilling customers’ expectations.


Author: Guillermo Romero Brenes

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