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Desarrollo de sotfware & IT Outsourcing

Protección de datos

How is personal data protected in Costa Rica?

The real value of information. A company’s assets have always been known as tangible elements; chairs, computers, pens and the like. However, with the advancement of technology, data has become the most valuable asset as per today. How much is...


A quick view to ASP .Net Core

Performance, adapting and change ASP.Net Framework was and it will be, a mainstay on software development. Thousands of applications around the world have been develop under this technology, looking the purpose to give effective solutions to regular problems in many...

Sotfware a la medida

Why to choose custom software developments?

Let’s start with the basics, what is custom software development? Custom software (also called tailor-made software) consists in the development of software systems which satisfy needs, adapt to different processes and fulfill specific characteristics within an organization Why should organizations...